Tu me manques

I knew I would miss you before I said goodbye.
I knew I would spend the night crying and listening to her sing “I won’t pretend.”
I knew all I wanted was your voice in my ear while my arms held you and to kiss you good morning.
I knew I would wonder if you missed me. Missed my ramblings. Missed my million inquiries. Missed our laughter.
I knew I would only see you in my my mind especially late night where you still lingered in my fantasies that never took place.
I knew you would blame me for being impatient. Despite the broken promises over longer and longer periods of time.
I knew I would still hold on to the 0.00001% chance you would wake up and realize I made you happy.
I knew in French, I miss you is translated as you are lacking to me.
But I knew you weren’t lacking anything at all except the acceptance of my heart.

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