Every imprint left leaves an ability to create new memories and reshape my synapses to fire in a rhythm with the pulse of your breath as it becomes slower and deeper As your breathing shifts from images created by my words vibrating to an orgasm imagined, but unfulfilled.


You never thought there would be multiple people sharing our bed Infusing their energy Their experiences Sexually, seductively, sensually Sonia, Countee, Langston and many many more. Gender didn’t matter because we moved through them all, giving each one a moment’s meditation for their words: on love, on sex, on healing, on God, on family, on … More Multiples…


Center it. Be particular about it. Your awareness of me Instead of post, post, like, post, phone, post, walk, like, like, me, love, smiley face, love, post   Be a participant in my energy So when I tell you, I’m emotionally empty you don’t respond “Ok cool” because you missed it with your comments, IG photos, … More Undivided

Tu me manques

I knew I would miss you before I said goodbye. I knew I would spend the night crying and listening to her sing “I won’t pretend.” I knew all I wanted was your voice in my ear while my arms held you and to kiss you good morning. I knew I would wonder if you … More Tu me manques


I was smiling When your words made the first cut effortlessly I felt no pain when my skin opened I didn’t feel the scalpel going deeper past skin then muscle then tissue Until you reached a door buried deep inside making me aware of its existence And shined a bright light across all the cavities … More Exposed


Thoughts Melancholy Needing to be held To transfer To receive To submit To be dominated To relieve myself To give over thought But trust But trust But trust Not for the faint of heart Not for the weak Physical Raw But fear But doubt But over thinking But this Stevie Wonder But this overjoyed But … More Streams

Used to be

I used to be a poet Until I fell in love I used to be a poet And dream about putting you into haikus Singing sonnets about your smiles Iambic pentameter about your interactive love and rhymes I used to be a poet And use the colors of the rainbow to describe you Your skin … More Used to be

The Poet

He made me return to writing poetry. When we talked, it wasn’t violins that played, but sonnets that whispered on his lips. I could feel the letters moving in my heart, not yet taking shape but there, waiting to be released. He had been everything I asked for. And yet… We were here. Letters, locked. … More The Poet