Center it. Be particular about it. Your awareness

of me

Instead of post, post, like, post, phone, post, walk, like, like, me, love, smiley face, love, post


Be a participant in my energy

So when I tell you, I’m emotionally empty you don’t respond

“Ok cool”

because you missed it with your comments, IG photos, group chats and “ohwellIfellasleepaftertalkingtothesenineotherpeoplebecauseIknowyoudontreallyneedmeanyway” (yes,you are necessary for me)


Because those others never showed up

for you


Tell me, what would it get you to take notice?


here, existing doing nothing but creating alchemy with my breath


Because nothing has worked – not my undivided, not my bracing your emotions, not my shimmys across your mind with my hips moving in a figure eight swirling around your head

asking for your concentration, instead of your devotion


But a little uninterrupted effort

Might be nice

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