What does it mean that I found love, but lost my pen? That the words can’t come. Won’t spill out of my head spewing everywhere Did happiness stop me? Unconcious, did I gut myself emptying the bowels of letters that rearranged themselves in my head? 525,600 characters lost to love


The weight was heavy with frustration, anger, doubt on a bar made of pain but I benched it until failure Exhausting my muscles Tired of adulting Tired of carrying my burdens on my shoulders because I carried yours on my back Tired of begging for the smallest thing I napped away my pain to get … More Workout


Did he know? Know she was a Tigress and kept herself in a cage because even the glimpse of her stripes aroused fear and insecurities in animals that were prey Was he ready? Ready to tame a wild beast with a whip and a command Instead of her roars, elicit her purrs Instead of jagged … More Liberation

July 19, 2018

My heart expanded I followed my third eye because there was no obstacle in acceptance of who I am I saw you. Fully. You exposed your flaws to allow me the space to say no. But I couldn’t. I submitted because I felt no fear. Only excitement. No questions. It was effortlessly easy to consent … More July 19, 2018


Worship me My body is a cathedral and my pleasure is the altar where you sacrifice your desires Glorify my lips Honor my neck Revere my nipples Adore my hips Magnify my clit Exalt the tips of my toes If I scream out to the heavens where you’ve taken me with your oratory praise then … More Selfish


It had been more than 20 years since they had laid eyes on each other in person. But thanks to the magic of social media, and their shared “friend status” all of the major highlights of each other’s lives had been shared and it felt like they never lost touch. He replied to one of … More Reunion