Another Night

It was another Sat night and I was home alone. Too tired to do the club/bar scene with the girls, but not tired enough to go to sleep. I stayed home, happy that I didn’t have anythng else pressing to secure my time or any real mind thought. With nothing on cable, even my old … More Another Night

The Commute Part 2

We rushed into the packed A train heading downtown from 145th and St. Nick. Packed in with the other Monday morning commuters, we both were tired and didn’t want to face the day ahead. Nobody on the train wanted to be heading to work and everybody looked like they could use another 2 hours of … More The Commute Part 2


We met over a discussion of success and the ivy league at one of those networking functions. the functions that always claimed to be the hottest nyc crowd, but consisted of the same people each time. If you couldn’t answer one of the three questions – Where did you go to school? Where are you … More Untitled


I never thought I would miss you this bad. I never realized that in the course of the email conversations, instant messages and occasionaly phone calls that when I finally saw you, you would become part of me. I needed to hear your voice. Your laugh. The way you whisper when you get excited and … More Daydreaming