Unguarded Thoughts

It took about 32.53 seconds after the call disconnected for her to realize her life shifted permanently and she would always be after and no longer before. And was that call really 37 mins and 17 seconds? Would the omens not leave her alone? 3, 17? Could these numbers hold any more significance for her? … More Unguarded Thoughts

Full Exposure

His looks made me pause, but his mouth held my attention Talking…Teaching…Telling With clarity and intention He approached There was no hesitation as he assured “I want you; unlock” And I tumbled into submission – by choice and full awareness Made it clear my care matched his and let my zephyrs help us renew Today I crawl … More Full Exposure

Inside my head

It is all inside my head The feeling you want her instead of me The feeling she sets your heart aflame That you would rather take her home than me That she is getting all your secrets Your smiles Your joy And I get your space and opportunity But it’s all in my head Isn’t it?

Lucid Dreaming

You appeared. I, sleeping, yet awake and aware, never paused to question I, sleeping, yet awake and watching my aura color shift outside of my body creating an LED light display of my emotions You appeared. I sleeping, yet awake and conscious but too empty to manifest. So the colors shifted and aligned based on a predestined … More Lucid Dreaming


The terror grips my heart I promised you were safe with me You came to collect I have to tell you my secrets My undreamt dreams Let you see me blemishes on display While I pray you are who you say you are It’s so much easier to accept than to give Easier to listen, to … More Conviction


Make me your prey Sink your fangs into me Capture me Stalk me slowly waiting for the right moment to strike Your eyes separated me from the pack Your smile rendered me dazzled and blinded and while you crept closer and closer My ears up listening for the stir of movement Hearing nothing but the … More Hunted


I have an obsession with touch. I derive so much pleasure with touching myself and my partners. I want know what does their hair feel like between my fingers. I will play with a single curl on my head twirling it around as it flexes and changes shape. I touch myself all the time. After … More Contact


Breezes blow through an open window My leg wrapped around your chest in a gymnastics of intimacy and possession We lay languid We couldn’t let go as we shifted positions Your arm cupped around my waist claiming while our legs intertwined Touches unconscious Conscious words stream while the melodies played through the speakers Teena, Marvin, … More Vibin’