Full Exposure

His looks made me pause, but his mouth held my attention


With clarity and intention
He approached
There was no hesitation as he assured “I want you; unlock”
And I tumbled into submission – by choice and full awareness
Made it clear my care matched his and let my zephyrs help us renew

Today I crawl into his lap and be held
Tonight, he rests his head on my heartbeat
My keloids of shame I carried in the past smoothed over by his cocoa butter hands
While I whisper “Atlas, breathe” massaging his shoulders as he exhales

Netflix asking “Are y’all alive?” because we fell down the rabbit hole of kissing and laughing in the pure enjoyment of just us

I read him erotica in bed
He grabs my underbooty on the sly walking down the aisle in Target

His dick works its way in and out until I am claimed, spent and begging for another round
I wake up with him inside my mouth just because it’s a Tuesday

He teaches me his music
I display my words

So much pleasure in watching him do him effortlessly
and Black Jesus, everytime he gets that fresh shape-up #issaalldayinbed
He loves to watch me dance: while in the car, while cleaning, while in garters and heels
He loves to watch me – work the room
An expansion of time suspended when we hold hands

It isn’t obvious, but every evolving
into more power and purpose
It will be


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