Pygmalion’s Apprentice

For years you loved her

An internal vision of perfection
You felt her
You saw her
You knew the curve of the finger she would touch your hand with
She was the one you imagined and measured every contender against

Until me
And the glitter of my gift wrap warped her image

I was taller, rounder, louder, smarter and kinkier both in thought and in hair
Yeah I could cook a meal that would make you clean your plate twice but

I was the wrong shade, the wrong nationality and asked too many questions and didn’t apologize for my flaws
I never let you hide from your inner demons but instead sharpened your sword and carried your armour

You loved her for years
I was a newcomer.

A usurper

I was too much and still never enough

Eclipsed by the shadow of a mirage

So you threw up the deuces

Pygmalion leaving gifts at the altar of Aphrodite

Not realizing I was she

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