You never knew tears fell behind the wall Maybe you thought that because I was asking about you and remembering all the details of your life Listening Letting you find solace in me You were so wrapped up in my ability to make you comfortable that you thought that I was okay But I suffered … More Courtesy 

Self Inflicted

Never was I into masochism Pain was never my thing Except With you, I had what Merriam Webster so eloquently calls “a taste for suffering” and my suffering must be seasoned with Lawry’s because it feels so damn good and I couldn’t stop partaking of its bitterness Because my imagination kept flagellating itself with pictures … More Self Inflicted

Inside my head

It is all inside my head The feeling you want her instead of me The feeling she sets your heart aflame That you would rather take her home than me That she is getting all your secrets Your smiles Your joy And I get your space and opportunity But it’s all in my head Isn’t it?


I won’t spread my wings and fly off the cliff if you aren’t willing to stand on the edge and watch me soar Photo by Neil Thomas on Unsplash


Sometimes it is too raw this loneliness. The exhaustion of having to carry it all myself. Sometimes it is too much. When all I want is to crawl in your lap and envelope ourselves with silence but you exist only in a future memory. Sometimes it is too real. So real I can’t talk because … More Sometimes