Full Exposure

His looks made me pause, but his mouth held my attention Talking…Teaching…Telling With clarity and intention He approached There was no hesitation as he assured “I want you; unlock” And I tumbled into submission – by choice and full awareness Made it clear my care matched his and let my zephyrs help us renew Today I crawl … More Full Exposure

The Thief

He stole it. His photographer’s eye watching my face for every shade while his musician fingers played sonatas under the privacy of the table. Every time I got close he pulled back “No. It belongs to me now.” And paused  his manipulations until I was almost back to thinking in coherent sentences. He milked my … More The Thief

Inside my head

It is all inside my head The feeling you want her instead of me The feeling she sets your heart aflame That you would rather take her home than me That she is getting all your secrets Your smiles Your joy And I get your space and opportunity But it’s all in my head Isn’t it?