The Neighbors

The scent was always the same. If she preparing a seduction for him, she sprayed herself with this indescribable perfume. It had citrus and musk and wafted through the vent to my condo. If it was spontaneous, I usually heard a deep bass whispering in Kreole although I never knew what his words meant.
To put it bluntly. My neighbors loved to fuck each other. Several times a week and shit sometimes several times a day, they fucked, made love or just somehow made each other orgasm sometimes in multiple languages. And judging by the growls, screams, moans and laughter that came through our shared wall, they enjoyed each other thoroughly. Sometimes it would be fast and loud. But other times just the occasional moan that would pop up over the course of hours. Since I was single and my sex life more sporadic than a logical statement from the Kardashian’s, I frequently became the silent third string to their orchestra.
I still kept in my masturbation fantasies the one time I was a voyeur to their private passions. It was fall. I was on the balcony. Maybe they wanted me to watch or maybe I got lucky. It started with her and that damn citrus perfume. It was coming through the open door of the balcony. The way our condo unit was set up we both had ground level units but ours were the only two that faced the privacy hedges. Creating a mini private garden.
And it was breezy and warm and the kind of day where you want nothing but to be outside. Skin warm but air fresh.
I was sitting and that smell of that perfume. But the shade was open in full view of their living room. She was clearly getting ready because as she walked by, she was wearing a bustier, thong, heels and an apron. Having been invited for dinner several times I could attest to her ability to throw down in our small kitchens.
She was all in red and black. Her hair in an Afro. She was already tall, but there she was in four inch red patent leather stilettos. she blessed that bustier with her large soft pillowy breasts. And I imagined what that citrus fragrance smelled like warmed by the heat right between her blessings. And her skin. She must have dusted it with bronze because her milk chocolate complexion glowed.
She lit the candles and waited until he walked in. He must have known what was going on already because I blinked immediately he had her arched on her knees holding her hands behind her back while he stuffed his dick down her throat.
Her ass was toward me. I locked eyes with him and knew I was in for a show. He indicated with his eyes and hands I could stay to watch if I were so inclined. So I settled in and began to fully explore her ass with my eyes. By now the thong had worked it’s way up her crack and I could see her pussy lips big and surprisingly wet. Her pussy was shiny and just as that fall breeze hit, the citrus mixed with an unmistakable scent of a woman in heat.
I could hear the sounds of her tongue working her way around his shaft her hands still held in place by him, pinned to her back. She sucked him sloppy and loud; humming as he went in and out. I saw the spit trails when she stopped to suck his balls. And she kept getting wetter. I could see it glistening off the candlelight and her red thong getting darker and darker. When he came all over her face, she must have cum too because I saw her clit vibrate and grow large a pink so deep it almost matched her heels. I was so entranced with watching her get off sucking him off.
He went to get a towel but must have ordered her to stay there since she was still on her knees and ass in the air. He wiped her face gently and turned her over and pulled her nipples out of the top of the bustier. Having only been an eavesdropper prior, I wonder if this is what he was doing when she was screaming to Allah and stuttering curses because that’s what she was doing now. “Oh God Oh God Oh damn damn damn.” I laughed inside because she was smart and could talk about anything to anybody at anytime. Except when they fucked. That skillful mouth turned all kinds of wrongs like her IQ dropped a hundred points.
He took off her thong and made her spread her legs giving me an unobstructed view. She was literally dripping on the carpet they laid down and he hadn’t touched her pussy at all. He was sucking one nipple with his mouth, pinching the other one and tracing patterns on her inner thigh.
She was screaming. “Fuck. Yes. Don’t stop. Shit I’m cumming,” and by this time I began to touch myself I was so turned on. It must have been too much because she screamed “take your pussy. Fuck me deep.”
With the balconies open I could hear even more than I usually did. I could hear him sliding in, it was so wet that the sounds they made were slippery. It was like her pussy was irrigated, because I could see the sheen of her juices on his dick from more than ten feet away. He still kept her back arched but moved her so I could see the silhouette of him sliding in and out. She was bouncing back against him trying to go even deeper. He was panting and her screams got louder and louder. “Use this pussy baby. Take it. Take it all out on me. Make me cum all over your dick. I’m cumming I’m cumming oh shit I’m cumming.”
He screamed and she turned over and held him in her arms. I just realized that he still had his pants and shoes on and had only unbuttoned his shirt. She was holding him whispering to him. I caught random words of encouragement “baby…rest…let me…”
I couldn’t move. They moved gingerly to the couch where she laid him down. She went to get a fresh towel and cleaned him up wiping him down softly. Then she took off his shoes and kissed him. Put the pillows behind his back and brought him a plate of whatever she had been cooking in that apron. As he ate, I listened to their silent contentment and knew I had a new standard for #relationshipgoals.

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