Hey babe. Not to brag, but did you know my pussy has super powers? My pussy is the lazarus pit healing you, restoring you and giving you immortality that you may rise again and again and again. When you wake up, yesterday is just yesterday because my pussy was the spark to create the fire … More Invincible 

Lose Control

I hope this evokes something for you   He saw her in a light blue summer dress that was modest enough in this heat and thought “I love her smile” but never thought beyond that. After all, they were both in yet a third country neither one of them lived in (because flights were a … More Lose Control

The Thief

He stole it. His photographer’s eye watching my face for every shade while his musician fingers played sonatas under the privacy of the table. Every time I got close he pulled back “No. It belongs to me now.” And paused  his manipulations until I was almost back to thinking in coherent sentences. He milked my … More The Thief

Musings on a plane

Our conversations were foreplay. Both because the bass in his voice made her pussy lips jump in syncopation and because of the actual words coming out of his mouth. And they laughed. Did everyone know that the ability to laugh was the greatest aphrodisiac ever? There was the excitement of finding someone on the same … More Musings on a plane


Order me To my knees. Head back mouth open stretched to fit you. Eyes locked on you. Yes sir.  No sir. Breasts held high. Nipples pinched. Grazed with teeth while pussy drips Begging to cum Back arched with hands locked behind. Bend over and spread your ass cheeks wide Cold lube warm hands Restrained with … More Demands

The Neighbors

The scent was always the same. If she preparing a seduction for him, she sprayed herself with this indescribable perfume. It had citrus and musk and wafted through the vent to my condo. If it was spontaneous, I usually heard a deep bass whispering in Kreole although I never knew what his words meant. To … More The Neighbors


I want to devour you Sit on top of your lips Thighs choking you Drown you until you can’t breathe anything except me Ride your tongue until it hurts Ferocious on your dick Thrashing my legs until I cum once twice three times My release vicious Leaving you hard and helpless Ravage you Peel back … More Savage


“You linger in my mind every time I talk to you,” he told her on their last marathon phone conversation. Since they spoke on the telephone so sporadically, and saw each other in person even less, she knew he meant what he said as fact. But… He wounded her. Deeply. That’s why she had him … More Lingering…


He had game so stealth, the Pentagon needed to hire him for a defense contract. Somehow before she knew it, he had her number in his phone and not too much longer thereafter, his tongue down her throat. And just like any surprise attack, she was not prepared. She normally could sum up men with … More Watching


The instagram post said “try not to think of how desperately you need to be taken, bound and fucked right now.” But I couldn’t stop. I had to face my desire that I wanted him to take it from me. I wanted to just feel him come up behind me and stick two fingers inside … More Taken