Mmmmm, memories…polaroid pussy that you stick on the cork board of your head that never, ever lives up to the real thing…even in digital format…nothing in the archive compares to that first feeling of that wet, warm love below (yes, I have been pumpin that Outkast shit “Shhhheee lives in my laaap” anyway…) I am … More Comment


It was the rhythm of our city that the outsiders could never understand. The chocolate city was home to the original quiet storm and we both remembered nights of listening to melvin lindsey. you preferred the ibex, but i loved to shake it in the black hole but we both could never resist the conga … More Watercolors

Essay #3

What is the most significant non-academic disappointment you have experienced? How did you handle the situation, and what have you learned from it? (450-word limit) I met him early on in college. I always thought he was sexy, but somehow we ended up as friends. We would laugh and joke about professors, politics and the … More Essay #3

The Surprise

Feather loved to dance. She met him on a packed dance floor at a local salsa club when he grabbed her hand and proceeded to lead her in a syncopathic rhythm 1-2-3, 1-2-3. He turned her like they had been dancing together for years. She wasn’t a natural follower, but his confidence left no room … More The Surprise

The Comment

She didn’t think he had it in him. The first time he ate her pussy, he did it with all the enthusiasm of someone who knew they had to do it get laid. The motions were ok, but there was no passion, no fire. Luckily, she didn’t need her pussy ate all the time, but … More The Comment

The Musician

I knew I wanted you from the first moment I laid eyes on your instrument.I looked the medium black box you were carrying and then I looked up into your face. It was then that I noticed your face. It was a toasty light brown color. You had jet black hair with just a smidgen … More The Musician