Your Deposit Has Been Accepted

Mr. Butterfly,

Congratulations!  We have opened your new account here at the Bank of Tigress.

Below you will find details of the account type you requested.

We have opened a high-yield, balance account that will be able to handle all of your growth and value assets. We promise that you will be able to delve deep into the assets and have a soft cushion in case of any market flucuations.

As you requested, your account will be based completely in our cyberbranch.  With our up to date
security, you can feel completely safe that all of your account information will be handled with the
utmost discretion.  We know there are cunning hackers out there, but our engineers work hard to fell any potential viruses.

While we do accept silver and leather bonds, please note that for your initial deposit, you will have to
convert these bonds to silk or satin and there will be a nine business day waiting period during which time you will not be able to use your deposits except as it relates directly to those assets you deposit.  Based on previous deposits, we analyze that your deposit will have multiple values that will flucuate with market pressures and timings.

If we can be of further service to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


CEO & President
The Bank of Tigress

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