Slipping In

You asked me to touch you. With purpose. I watched you enjoy the feel of your own hands on your body. Until, in the dark, your tongue made your way around my nipple and my control melted. I came so hard the memory of it makes cum again. You went from 101 to 401 as … More Slipping In


It was the rhythm of our city that the outsiders could never understand. The chocolate city was home to the original quiet storm and we both remembered nights of listening to melvin lindsey and talking it over with his nephew when he died. you preferred the ibex, but i loved to shake it in the … More Z-Style


“Boldness in authenticity” The act of being your true authentic self is often seen as a revolutionary act requiring boldness. But why? People who walk in their authentic selves I have seen described as extra, intimidating, too much, weird, fake, attention-grabbing or seeking, etc. Yet, it is the act of being who we are at … More Authenticity

A Recollection

That look. That fucking look. Literally I masturbate to memories of THAT look with my vibrator on my clit hoping I cum hard and fast but remebering how you just made me cum hard Yeah you smug bastard. You know the one I mean. The one eye over your glasses with your one eyebrow and … More A Recollection

But Still…

Here’s a fact, I want to fuck you until you cum. I want that fast moving brain to quickly fire synapses to slowly move your fingers over my nipples. Logically analyzing my facial expressions while your dick studies the inside curves of the function of my pussy. I know it will be a planned mistake … More But Still…

Brown Sugar Bacon

The storybooks told me that love was a sugar, filled emotional rush I believed when I ingested your affections, it would leave me giddy as a dervish whirling Those movies told me that true love was the saccharine sweetness of morning greetings and evening kisses “Hey sweetie pie” she said “Goodnight honey” he said The … More Brown Sugar Bacon


I was smiling When your words made the first cut effortlessly I felt no pain when my skin opened I didn’t feel the scalpel going deeper past skin then muscle then tissue Until you reached a door buried deep inside making me aware of its existence And shined a bright light across all the cavities … More Exposed


Thoughts Melancholy Needing to be held To transfer To receive To submit To be dominated To relieve myself To give over thought But trust But trust But trust Not for the faint of heart Not for the weak Physical Raw But fear But doubt But over thinking But this Stevie Wonder But this overjoyed But … More Streams

Traveling Miles

light feather touches, excite me so light i can barely feel them leaving me tingling vibrating all over slowly, tracing circles over my breast, they swell like dark choclate kisses and you sample one into your mouth you ake it savoring the chocolate flavor i moan, and a little bead of moisture begins to gather … More Traveling Miles