But Still…

Here’s a fact, I want to fuck you until you cum. I want that fast moving brain to quickly fire synapses to slowly move your fingers over my nipples. Logically analyzing my facial expressions while your dick studies the inside curves of the function of my pussy. I know it will be a planned mistake since my feelings were already gutted once. But my masochism is acting up again.

I can’t lie and my fingers are wet from my lips talking about you.

And still.

I want to see your face as you release everything to me while I create scatter plots on the tip of your dick with the tip of my tongue.

I want your laughter and your smile , your fears and your frustrations as you feel your orgasm building. I want it ALL. I am selfishly and greedily taking everything you release unto me (for safe keeping of course). I want your memories. From the first time you tasted ice cream to the last time you wanted to punch someone out. As you cum for me, because of me, it belongs to me.

I want to feel that first drop of uncertainty transform until the last pulse is peace.

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