Musings on a plane

Our conversations were foreplay. Both because the bass in his voice made her pussy lips jump in syncopation and because of the actual words coming out of his mouth.
And they laughed. Did everyone know that the ability to laugh was the greatest aphrodisiac ever? There was the excitement of finding someone on the same wavelength and the ability to say anything and be understood and comprehended. Their first encounter was a three hour mental fondle. He massaged her deep with long phrases that penetrated her defenses.
Neither one of them planned it or even looked at each other in a sexual manner. But his instinct took over and when she was teasing him, he decided then and there he wanted her.
Somehow her control was gone and she felt like he laid claim to pussy. His tongue in her mouth was a flag planted on her lips.
That first kiss overwhelmed any sense of propriety, rules or hesitation.
By the time they made to a bed and she confidently slide on top if his dick, she was sprung. I mean she wasn’t sure she would be able to handle it because he was long and thick and the movement immediately hit her g spot causing her to cream all over his head. But he wasn’t done. He laid claim to her mouth, her pussy and ass with his tongue causing her to spasm. He stretched her so wide just stopping short of that line when pleasure turns to pain.
Her entire body felt engulfed by sensation. The sight of her legs wrapped around his back.  The feel of his lips on her neck. The taste of his earlobe. The smell of her on his mouth. The growls he emitted as his beautiful,magical dick ruined her pussy for others for the foreseeable future. Gripping him tighter so they could cum together.  Their joint orgasms a worship to the power of the universe.
Photo by sergey Svechnikov on Unsplash

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