“Boldness in authenticity” The act of being your true authentic self is often seen as a revolutionary act requiring boldness.
But why?
People who walk in their authentic selves I have seen described as extra, intimidating, too much, weird, fake, attention-grabbing or seeking, etc.
Yet, it is the act of being who we are at our core that should be the goal if every person who has their basic hierarchy of needs met, shouldn’t it?
Being my authentic self requires an emotional introspection and acceptance of what I am feeling no matter what that feeling. Learning who I am at my core is and continues to be the hardest thing I do. I will never fully stop growing until the last breath leaves me.
I examine, I question, I fight and I accept. It means knowing when I feel joyful, petty, exuberant. ashamed, vengeful, hurt. It means that I have to accept that what I am feeling in that moment is right for my life even if it makes me uncomfortable. It also requires understanding that other people’s actions towards me are not about me, but rather the sum of their experiences and truth of their lives. In my experience, the difference between the authentic and the fake is the authentic can say “I feel this way” while the fake can only post a meme or resort to an ad hominem attack because they see your authenticity but either do not know how to achieve it or are unwilling to do the emotional work required.
And being authentic means understanding that humans are wonderfully messy, complicated creatures full of paradoxes. But as long as we operate from a place of consent, permission and love you let me live my best life and I will let you live yours.

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