A Recollection

That look.

That fucking look. Literally

I masturbate to memories of THAT look with my vibrator on my clit hoping I cum hard and fast but remebering how you just made me cum hard

Yeah you smug bastard. You know the one I mean. The one eye over your glasses with your one eyebrow and your lips in a slight smile because you know I’m already not wearing any panties

The look that told me I needed to start stretching now because your dick was going to devour me from the inside

The look that left me passed out on the bed with my heels still on my last memory of me screaming your name not realizing I could come that hard

That look

Right before you tell me get on top and I grip my pussy tighter than my legs while I proceed to try to break your bed

Why is it every single time with that look, I never win? Or is it that I win the jackpot?  That look made me tap out invoking a safe word because I couldn’t keep up

Yes, I masturbate to a memory of foreplay and THAT look
A memory of memories

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