Scaredy Cat 

What does fear look like? I keep getting told that I “don’t ever look like I’m afraid” and that I’m the “strongest person [they] know” and both are complete fallacies. I wake up everyday with fear. I have my insecurities about many things. But I am not without fear. Since I do not blast my … More Scaredy Cat 

On Being Enough

“Some men say that I’m intense or I’m insane” – Angelica Schuyler, Hamilton The Musical When I first heard the line above sung I screamed out YES! because it fit my life so perfectly. I have always been that woman. I have always felt like I am too much and yet, not enough. We know … More On Being Enough


“Boldness in authenticity” The act of being your true authentic self is often seen as a revolutionary act requiring boldness. But why? People who walk in their authentic selves I have seen described as extra, intimidating, too much, weird, fake, attention-grabbing or seeking, etc. Yet, it is the act of being who we are at … More Authenticity


Definition of vulnerable :  capable of being physically or emotionally wounded This essay birthed itself from the universe. In the last few months, I have been talking about vulnerability non-stop. I have had more discussions on what it means, making spaces for it in romantic relationships and reading articles like this one about what men need most in a … More Unprotected


I have an obsession with touch. I derive so much pleasure with touching myself and my partners. I want know what does their hair feel like between my fingers. I will play with a single curl on my head twirling it around as it flexes and changes shape. I touch myself all the time. After … More Contact