Thoughts Melancholy Needing to be held To transfer To receive To submit To be dominated To relieve myself To give over thought But trust But trust But trust Not for the faint of heart Not for the weak Physical Raw But fear But doubt But over thinking But this Stevie Wonder But this overjoyed But … More Streams

Traveling Miles

light feather touches, excite me so light i can barely feel them leaving me tingling vibrating all over slowly, tracing circles over my breast, they swell like dark choclate kisses and you sample one into your mouth you ake it savoring the chocolate flavor i moan, and a little bead of moisture begins to gather … More Traveling Miles

Essay #3

What is the most significant non-academic disappointment you have experienced? How did you handle the situation, and what have you learned from it? (450-word limit) I met him early on in college. I always thought he was sexy, but somehow we ended up as friends. We would laugh and joke about professors, politics and the … More Essay #3

Suga Mama

Let me be, gots to be your suga mama. come sit on mama’s lap now. The chorus of Beyoce’s funk kept ringing through my head after I saw you in that suit. I know you didn’t need a suga mama but damn if you could come sit on mama’s lap. That suit that hung on … More Suga Mama


She was like most women and never really liked giving head. She did it willingly because men love it and if you are going to do something, do it 100%. Although there was a certain satisfaction in having a man by the balls thinking about nothing but how good your tongue feels forming figure eights. … More Head

The Teacher

He was tall and his sense of humor first attracted me. He made the class laugh when he talked about economics and economic policy. He knew his subject was dry, bugt he made it lively and fun. I loved how he wore his casual clothes with grace and flair. He wore the same uniform to … More The Teacher