“I needed inspiration,” she said.  “My life has been dry and boring lately, and emphasis on the dry.”

“Well, let me introduce you to the 139,” he typed

“139?, what the eff is that”

“Think dirty and I’ll give you three guesses”

“I can’t even begin to imagine so I’ll just give this one up.  maybe something with an orgy or something”

“69 is good, 138 is twice as a nice, but add a plus one.  I do the 139 well”

“How well?” she asked feeling a tingling between her thighs as her fingers flew over the keyboard.  She thanks Yahoo for all the emoticons because she was having trouble concentrating on typing.  Even now she thought back to her vibrator laying on the bed where was resting from the last session she had only an hour ago.  Can I even think these thoughts about someone who had always been just a friend.  Intrigued, she went back to her IM window, curious…

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