I wanted to do something crazy.  something out of the ordinary.  I had never been moved to take a guy home, but there was something about him.  the night we met, his long fingers had me capivated and his dimples made me want to kiss them.
He was cute, hazel eyes and dark hair.  tall and slim.  what is it about that combination that always gets me if the guy is white, black, spanish, something about that combo.  he had long curly hair that he put up in a low ponytail.  usually i think it looks girly, but on him, he wore it.  i first noticed him because he was staring at me with an intensity.  like he was content to watch as I moved my body across the floor.  I was dancing w/ my girls with free abandon, freed up by the mojitos and vodka tonics I was throwing back like I was getting paid for it.
i saw him and went up to him.  two minutes later we were kissing at the bar.  wait, what happened?  i never acted like that.  we went to a booth where he put his hands under my skirt and whispered in my ear.  driving me crazy.  we went back to my place.  “your pussy is so tender” he whispered to me as he had me bent over banging the hell out of my pussy from the back.
sweaty, we both came before i realized i didn’t even know his last name

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