A Love Supreme

It was the Coltrane.  I couldn’t say anymore.  The strains of “A Love Supreme” played over his surround sound and I opened up.  My emotions that is.  I felt safe, comfortable, loved as the refrain played “a love supreme, a love supreme”
I laughed and cryed within minutes of each other as the refrain played on.  He touched me. We had never touched before always making sure to keep our distance.  Him, b/c of his girlfriend and me, because well, the relationship I was in.
“a love supreme, a love supreme”
it played.  we touched.  smooth electricity
God’s love played for us.  We looked.  there was nothing but the refrain “a love supreme, a love supreme”  it was.  we touched again.
jolted by the energy.  we were pulled as if by a string.  connected by force, love, the movement of the water atoms in our bodies and the pull of the moon, we layed
“a love supreme, a love supreme”
without thought, skin was smooth, nipples peaked and we moaned an improv in perfect pitch
“a love supreme, a love supreme”
faster as the crescendo came upon us
we struggled as coltrane on that sax, pouring out all the love unspoken in the way most natural to us all
here it was – the chance we never thought we would have
sweat dripping, sticking
“a love supreme, a love supreme”
he played on and on, trying melodies new keys, new positions, new kisses,
our background was silent and unspoken.  we lay wondering if we found heaven in that earthshattering moment where we both blacked out losing ourselves
we came back
quietly the voices whispered
“a love supreme, a love supreme”
the bass played softly as my hair tickled his chest
“a love supreme, a love supreme”
fade out…

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