Did he know? Know she was a Tigress and kept herself in a cage because even the glimpse of her stripes aroused fear and insecurities in animals that were prey Was he ready? Ready to tame a wild beast with a whip and a command Instead of her roars, elicit her purrs Instead of jagged … More Liberation

The Teacher

He was tall and his sense of humor first attracted me. He made the class laugh when he talked about economics and economic policy. He knew his subject was dry, bugt he made it lively and fun. I loved how he wore his casual clothes with grace and flair. He wore the same uniform to … More The Teacher

A Love Supreme

It was the Coltrane.  I couldn’t say anymore.  The strains of “A Love Supreme” played over his surround sound and I opened up.  My emotions that is.  I felt safe, comfortable, loved as the refrain played “a love supreme, a love supreme” I laughed and cryed within minutes of each other as the refrain played … More A Love Supreme