The Teacher

He was tall and his sense of humor first attracted me. He made the class laugh when he talked about economics and economic policy. He knew his subject was dry, bugt he made it lively and fun. I loved how he wore his casual clothes with grace and flair. He wore the same uniform to each class. Slacks, button down shirt and usually a fleece vest.   the rumor mill at school had him as seperated from his wife with no kids.

He was so damn sexy and it got to be where I couldn’t concentrate in class.  He would ask me a question and I was daydreaming about doing things to him that were probably illegal in 20 states.  I always studied and always knew the answer, but I would always have to stutter and trip over myself first.

Tall with long curly hair that was the clue to his mixed-background (Spanish (his dad was Basque) and black).  He skin was dark like mine and I could tell he worked out everyday.  Even though it was the middle of winter, he would wear flip-flops to class and lord, the man even had beautiful feet.  i knew it was bad when his feet turned me on and just looking at them would get me wet.  He had this bohhemian thing going on, but when he would speak.  i mean shit the man knew his stuff.  then I got an email from him asking to discuss my last paper.

“Your last paper was fantastic.  I am going to write a paper on global corporate governance and based on your last paper, I think you would be perfect as a research assistant,” he said.

Are you fucking kidding me?  I would dig through dumps to find some random paper for this man.  But what I said was “Wow, I would love to.  I’ve always admired your research.”

“Is there something going on at home i should know about,” he asked looking into my eyes with concern, “because you seem distracted when you are in class.  i mean you are always prepared and know the answers, but when i call on you, it always takes you awhile to answer.”

Shit!  What was i supposed to say?  i’m distracted because I am imagining myself right now jumping over and stripping your pants off and deep throating you until i can swallow your cum?

“I’m just tired,” i lied “finishing these classes can be hard”

He laughed sand said “I remember the feeling”

Flash foward.

I began to do research for him.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see him more than class since we were able to exchange all of our communications via email.  Fuck, how was I going to jump his bones?  I had ot think of a plan and think of one soon!  But I didn’t and soon I was graduating.  Hmm, maybe I could cook him dinner or something?  I invited him over to my apartment to celebrate the end of our paper and research.  Instead he said he would make traditional Spanish food for me.  I think i had an orgasm right then when i read his email.  I wrote back.  i’ll bring the wine.

I couldn’t decide what to wear.  I wanted to go classically sexy so he could admire my assets, but not put it all out there.  I choose a v-neck dress that when i moved just right showed off my clevage.

When I rang his bell I was shaking I was so nervous.  I knew it had to happen tonight.  He had everything done and laid out, but I couldn’t wait any longer.  I had waited two years for him to fuck me and when he reached around me to get the wine opener I rubbed my ass into his dick.  To my surprise he was already hard and he started to moan.  I turned around and dropped to my knees and said “I’ve waited two years to do this”  I got down to work pulling his pants down and made him fuck my face with his dick.  He was beautiful but his dick was the most beautiful part.  Average length but thick as hell.  He told me to bend over and he bent me over the kitchen counter, whipped out a condom slid in with one stroke.  I came instantly.  it was even better than I imagined.  he was a take charge man and told me how dirty i was and how he was going to fuck me until i begged him to stop.

and that’s just what he did.

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