Faded Pictures

She couldn’t believe it. It had been three weeks since she had an orgasm of any kind. With her vibrator packed away (thanks to the move from hell that was taking 3 months) she was feenin for something.

She spent all day fantasizing about the men she saw. The mailroom guy at work who she would watch playing with his tongue ring. She could imagine how that would feel on her clit. She could almost feel him making circles on her lips, just teasing her as he passed by quickly. He would then take it in his mouth and suck gently, while sticking two fingers inside her driping wet pussy.

The jogger who would jog ran or shine
He ran by w/ the sexiest legs she had seen on a man. His legs were thick and muscular and she imagined that he would be able to pick her up and walk around the room fucking her gently. They would be sweaty from a run and she would cum all over him as he sucked on her neck

Her boss.
Yes, her boss was sexy as hell. tall dark and handsome, he would give her those looks that said “Yes, I would fuck the shit out of you and have you begging for more” She imagined going to his office, getting on her knees and licking, sucking, tasting him, until he came in her mouth. she wanted to pull his pants down and start by licking the shafting. tasting it and lightly sucking on the head. she wanted to suck his balls and play with his asshole cuz she knew how crazy that made him.

The young boy
for all intents and purposes he was a virgin, but she imagined really showing him how to please a woman. how to suck her breasts until she came. how to play with her clit and how to flip her over and really give it to her doggy style. he had the sexiest bedroom eyes and was 6″6″. she imagined that his dick would match his height and spent all day staring at his fingers wondering if fingers really were the way to tell how big a man was. she wanted to turn him out and make all the women after her grateful that she she taught him how to eat pussy correctly.


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