“I thought the world would revolve without us,” the singer sang The world demanded them their time their energy their gifts But in each other, they created a space only penetrable by a shared heartbeat Breathes slowed Stressed eased Spirits whispered With the kiss of lips, phones forgotten Waking up to fifteen messages and three … More Revolving

Tu me manques

I knew I would miss you before I said goodbye. I knew I would spend the night crying and listening to her sing “I won’t pretend.” I knew all I wanted was your voice in my ear while my arms held you and to kiss you good morning. I knew I would wonder if you … More Tu me manques


It was the rhythm of our city that the outsiders could never understand. The chocolate city was home to the original quiet storm and we both remembered nights of listening to melvin lindsey. you preferred the ibex, but i loved to shake it in the black hole but we both could never resist the conga … More Watercolors

Faded Pictures

She couldn’t believe it. It had been three weeks since she had an orgasm of any kind. With her vibrator packed away (thanks to the move from hell that was taking 3 months) she was feenin for something. She spent all day fantasizing about the men she saw. The mailroom guy at work who she … More Faded Pictures


I wanted to do something crazy.  something out of the ordinary.  I had never been moved to take a guy home, but there was something about him.  the night we met, his long fingers had me capivated and his dimples made me want to kiss them. He was cute, hazel eyes and dark hair.  tall … More Crazy