Did he know?

Know she was a Tigress and kept herself in a cage because even the glimpse of her stripes aroused fear and insecurities in animals that were prey

Was he ready?
Ready to tame a wild beast with a whip and a command

Instead of her roars, elicit her purrs

Instead of jagged teeth, have her lapping up cream with her tongue

Was he strong enough to stand firm and open the cage door. As she stalked the cage with a look that she could pounce at any moment.

ready to be let out.
Would he offer her treats of pleasure as she fought her way to submission?

Get her to do tricks with her lips,

And once her submission was complete, would he praise her, all while remembering her true instinct was still wild. Remembering that she wanted to know her territory, know what was hers was hers.

Know that occasionally she needed to express her feral side

Because she knew her submission was her liberation

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