The Project

Friday 4pm
Damn this project that put me way out in the middle of nowhere.  I was horny as a mutha and no relief in sight.  Thanks to an all night session preparing my first presentation my packing skills where minimal as I threw suits, pumps and underwear into the suitcase, but discovered I had forgotten pantyhose and my favorite friend, mr. buzzy.
I was going to be on this project for two months and because it was such an intense project and because the client was really important to my firm, there would be no going home on weekends.  my company couldn’t spare me.  I hoped that nobody would die because I knew that I probably wouldn’t be allowed to go to the funeral.
It was my first night in the corporate housing my company secured for me.  It was basically a one bedroom apartment in a large luxury complex downtown.  Each unit was painted a non-descript beige and the furniture was made to be comfortable and not show any stains.  I think the real selling point for my company was the wireless connectivity, the LAN lines and the fax, copy and scanner on each floor.  There would be no way that I would have any time or way to think about doing anything but work.  Fuck that, I needed my orgasms just to get me threw the day.  I knew my addiction to dick would be a problem for me, but generally it was handled by my good friend mr. buzzy when there was no dick around.  And somehow I doubted there was a strong respresentation of dick in this small ass town.  I thought about trolling for clubs, but I thought I would just wait until my replacement buzzy came in.
Friday 9pm
Dammit, I tried.  I really did.  After a last minute dash to the post office I finally got notice that my emergency replacement friend was in.  Thank you!!!  I ripped open the package, hiked my skirt up and plugged in my new best friend.  Like a junkie that gets excited at the tightening of the belt around his arm, the familiar buzz of my new friend immeditately relaxed me.  It wasnt enough.  I wanted more.  I wanted to feel sweat dripping down my back.  I wanted roughness.  Softness.  Something to breakup my monotony.  I couldn’t do anything.  Not touch the mounds of work I had on either side of my laptop.  Not even do any of the myriads of the other things I had to do to maintain my real life.  I think it was the rain.  It always set me up for some kind of contemplation.
I had to get out.  I knew my coworkers were going to the bar around the corner from our complex, but I wanted to be far away from them.  I wanted to go somewhere and be anonymous and drown my horniness with a jack and coke.
Dressed in jeans and tank I drove up to a plain looking bar in an unfamiliar neighborhood downtown.  Being a city girl I knew the bar was safe b/c of the lack of smell of urine, the bright lights on the corner and the kinds of cars in the parking lot.  I would be ok.  I walked in and looked around for my next piece.  There was one guy in the corner that sparked my interest.  Normally, I am not attracted to the lighter shade of the human spectrum, but times were hard.  He was tall and well built and had clear light green eyes.  I loved his hands.  They were large and it was clear that he worked with them.  He was confident enough to approach me and when he shook my hand, those hands stroked me.  I knew that he was the one.  He clearly must have known what was on my mind, b/c he turned the conversation towards a sensual bent.
My pussy had had enough and was clenching to try to get some friction on my clit.  I was one lick away from a pass the hell out orgasm.  I didn’t realize that I was that obvious until he leaned over and whispered “Let’s go to your place and take care of that.  I know with me being a stranger you will feel better on your own turf”  Needless to say I was stunned, but my pussy pushed me in action.  I grabbed my purse, he threw down a $20 for the tab and tip and we were off.
We got back to my place and it was on.  He kissed me, not with the intensity I thought, but with a thought of exploration.  Then he put his mouth on my neck and tweaked my nipple with his fingered.  I came like I never thought possible.  He held me as I shook and I felt his dick.  Damn, I forgot they made them like that.  Super thick and just long enough.  I wanted to get at it as soon as possible, but he held me back.  He picked me up and threw me on the bed and resumed kissing me like he knew me.  All of sudden he pulled my clothes off and started attacking my nipples.  The minute he put his tongue on them, I was done.  I couldn’t stop cumming.  He sucked with his mouth and put his finger on my clit “Damn, you are like a river”  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I wanted his dick in my mouth.  It was so perfect and I loved to give head on this kind of dick.  I could tell he was a moaner and nothing made me suck a dick better then hearing the results of my actions. I put my mouth on the head and licked it super slow.  He screamed like someone hit him.  I loved it.
I teased the head moving my tongue in figure 8’s and making my mouth vibrate.  He must have loved that shit, b/c he flipped me over with quickness and came inside my pussy.  He was still hard, but he definitely needed a new condom.  He pulled out and replaced the old with the new pulled my legs up and started slowly.  He literally stroked my pussy like he wanted to hit every inch.  I know he felt the vibrations as my pussy muscles gripped him in reaction to my coming over and over and over again.  We began sweating as we flipped me on top, me on the side, my legs crossed his legs crossed and then back to my favorite him on top my legs by my ears.  He collapsed on top of my, our sweat sticking our bodies together.
He got up, dressed,thanked me for my time and my body and left without another word.
I looked up at the ceiling, and reveled in the achiness of my body happy I could finally enjoy this project.

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