The Phone

“Amiri called again last night,” Kali told her girlfriend as she laid across the bed enjoying the cooling breeze of the fan. damn it was hot and she didn’t have air in the bedroom. “Girl, you know that you are going to get caught up again. You should just let that alone,” Diana responded exastperated … More The Phone

The Stripshow

Angela knew better then to dive in, but when Lamont called her cell she couldn’t resist. So while she knew she shouldn’t go to that apartment on the top floor of the newly renovated harlem brownstone, rememberances of nights long past stirred in between her legs. She held out for one day, but seeing the … More The Stripshow

Mr. Longnhard

For Mr. Longnhard hey baby did you wonder as you wandered along down the street hummin to yourself and walkin to the beat of the soundtrack inside your head replaying memories of last night on your bed and you remembered me a box of magnums a bottle of astroglide I reached over and put it … More Mr. Longnhard

The Photo

We started out as friends. Chatting all the time over email, talking about politics, men, women, my crazy cat lady status. About how damn sexy D’Angelo looked in his “How Does it feel” video. How the song would immediately make me want to be on my back w/ a dick in my pussy and how … More The Photo

The Afternoon

As the thunderstorms gather strength the last place I wanted to be was at work. My face lit by the abrasive florescent lighting and eyes numb from the light blue glow of the computer screen.i saw the clouds getting darker and more grey and my mind switched back to our very last time together. we … More The Afternoon

The Grass

I laid on my back the grass was softer then I thought it would be walking on it. It cushioned me and was warm with the lingering heat of the day that was almost done. I watched the sun, alight with it’s bunsen burner orange flame glow, set in the sky. the fireworks began but … More The Grass