His camera kept finding me thru the crowd.  I don’t know what it is about cameras that I find so sexy.  It’s such a cliche.  cameras and sex.  But I kept thinking about the click.  I loved posing.  I had a need for attention and I loved being watched.  Eyes focused on me.

I kept thinking back to sexy pictures.  Me naked wrapped up in sheets.  Me rolling on the beach with sand and waves.  I knew he would hate those pictures.  Bland, boring and overdone.

He wanted me truly natural.  When my eyes would first open in the morning, puffy, and half open.  me putting on make-up with my face-half done

he passed me his card and on the back it said, I want to photograph you coming.  He walked off.

I looked at him and looked at the card.  I knew I was going to call.  It had been too long since someone that confident and that agressive could see through my charade.

I called and he answered knowing who I was.  “I could read your sensuality in your eyes.  that’s why I kept looking at you.  Your pictures are the ones I look at and masturbate too”  How could we connect that fast?  Shouldn’t I be freaked out by his forwardness?  His looking at my pictures and masturbating?  “You want to be freaked out but you arent?  You want me to make you come”

Damn it he was right.  I thought back to what he looked like.  We were the same height.  He was built slim to my voluptousness (too much stress at work had left me 20 pounds heavier than I liked).  Hair cut low, but lord his voice whispering in my ear was making me wet.

He gave me directions and said meet me after work.  Work was a blur.  I was more productive than normal in an effort to make the day go by faster.

He was an artist professionally.  His loft was filled with unusual photos, paintings and poetry.  “Lie down over there” he ordered, looking sexier than I remembered.  It was those damn eyes.  Eyes that said, “Girl, Imma fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before”

“I bet you can come all kinds of ways, but since I don’t want to be in the picture myself, I am going to resort to old standards and just eat you out”

he stripped me with haste and proceeded to eat me out like nobody had in a long long time.  Why do men normally just focus on the clit?  He understood that all of a woman is sensitive.  He licked my outer lips, licked my inner thighs and hummed on my clit.  meanwhile his camera was taking rolling shots.  Within minutes, I was coming again and again. click



his camera went off as I got off.

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