The Addiction

I know I have a problem Caryn told herself. She couldn’t stop masturbating. Why was it all of sudden she couldn’t stop. At least twice a day everyday, she would pull out her vibrator and fantasize herself into orgasm. The fantasies varied – some were about past loves, some were about total strangers but most … More The Addiction

The Stranger

We passed each other on the street every morning. You went towards your job in NJ and I would go to my job in NY. I was too shy to even smile at you but lord you were sexy. You were tall and worked out at least five times a week by the way your … More The Stranger

The Countdown

I’ll be at your house at 10pm. Be ready and have my dick hard was the reply I gave you. It was now 1am, only 21 hours before I would see you. Patience has never been my strong suit and I was hyper with anticipation of what was to come. Glad that tomorrow would be … More The Countdown