But Still…

Here’s a fact, I want to fuck you until you cum. I want that fast moving brain to quickly fire synapses to slowly move your fingers over my nipples. Logically analyzing my facial expressions while your dick studies the inside curves of the function of my pussy. I know it will be a planned mistake … More But Still…

Let Me

  I want to be your smile in the morning I want to be your late night I want to be your question and answer I want to be your horizon I want to be your last kiss I want to be your I can’t wait to tell you I want to be your wrap … More Let Me


The terror grips my heart I promised you were safe with me You came to collect I have to tell you my secrets My undreamt dreams Let you see me blemishes on display While I pray you are who you say you are It’s so much easier to accept than to give Easier to listen, to … More Conviction


Sometimes it is too raw this loneliness. The exhaustion of having to carry it all myself. Sometimes it is too much. When all I want is to crawl in your lap and envelope ourselves with silence but you exist only in a future memory. Sometimes it is too real. So real I can’t talk because … More Sometimes