Essay #3

What is the most significant
non-academic disappointment you have experienced? How did you handle the
situation, and what have you learned from it? (450-word limit)
I met him early on in college. I always thought he was sexy, but somehow we ended
up as friends. We would laugh and joke about professors, politics and the sad
sad state of our love lives. We both knew that we were very open sexually, so
nothing we discussed surprised us. We managed to graduate in four years without
so much as even kissing each other. We wound up both moving to New York
although he lived in New Jersey and I lived in Brooklyn.
At first we hung out all the time, but slowly work and our new friends caught up
with each other. We kept in touch but only saw each other sporadically. One
late night we were tired and complaining about our respective jobs and I was
complaining about the availability of quality dick to women who could work it
such as myself. He replied, “You need a man who isn’t scared to bring it.
Who can work it out.” I laughed and said, “Yeah that’s true. Too bad you
aren’t available.” He said, “But what if I am. We’ve been friends for
years. We both could use some release without all the drama of a
relationship.” Although I knew that it would change our relationship, I
said why not. At least I can get some good dick out of it. We made plans for
that Saturday night.
All that week, he emailed me outlining how good it was going to be on Saturday. I
couldn’t wait. Every minute at work was an eternity and finally, finally
Saturday night came. I went to his apartment cleaned, shaved and smelling like
fresh spring. I had on the purple dress that he loved. You could see my
cleavage and I wore the push-up bra that made my breast look like ripe apples.
He told me how good I looked. We kissed
and our tongues exchanged years of unspoken words, long nights filled with
longing and fantasies and nervousness about what was to come. Our caresses were rushed and fast. We felt each other with a vengeance because
we couldn’t wait to get naked. I looked
and then we were naked. I was soaking
wet and I could see pre-cum on the tip of his beautiful dick. He put the condom on and it was over. He came so violently, he forced the condom
off. I was still excited so I waited so
I could get off too, but he rolled over and fell asleep. I never did get off. After that I, I lied and said I couldn’t
handle our sexual relationship, because his ego was fragile, but I think he
suspected it was his performance. We
dance around what happened that Saturday night, but we are still the best of

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