The Surprise

Feather loved to dance. She met him on a packed dance floor at a local salsa club when he grabbed her hand and proceeded to lead her in a syncopathic rhythm 1-2-3, 1-2-3. He turned her like they had been dancing together for years. She wasn’t a natural follower, but his confidence left no room for anything but to follow. He even kept up with her during the super fast samba which was the one that made her have to sit down and take off her shoes. He sat down on the red chaise next to her.

The club had a muted blue glow from the lights and the heat from dozens of bodies dancing sex on the floor made the heat feel like the Caribbean where the dances came from My name is Miguel and you? I’m Feather she replied breahless and hoping the sweat wasn’t ruining her mascara. You move very well Feather. So do you, Feather breathed back trying to catch her breath. He asked her to dinner. She looked him over – he was just as as tall as she was without her heels, which made her stand a good three inches over him now. Skin that looked like dulce de leche with black curly hair. He had the cutest lips, but his eyes twinkled. Plus there was the way he moved. She accepted his dinner invitation.

Since he was new to the city, she suggested a casual, but tasty brunch place. It was somewhat out of the way, but the scrambled eggs were the best she had ever had. He didn’t have a car so she had to go pick him up. He was even cuter than she remembered. It was in the car that she found out something that almost made her stop the car and kick him out. Yes, I’m only 22 years old he said. What the fuck Feather started thinking? I can’t be a grown ass woman fucking with a 22 year old. But she had been raised to be polite so off to brunch she went. The conversation flowed like champagne at a French birthday party and Feather was intrigued. Miguel suggested next time Feather come to his apartment so he could cook for her. Well, he has game like a grown man and shit the way he was putting it down on the dance floor, let’s see how else he moves. Feather knew that she could never be serious about him so she just decided to ride it out and do whatever felt right.

Whe she arrived at Miguel’s apartment, he had made frijoles negroes, lime chicken con arroz and he was obviously old enough to buy the good kind of tequila because he had made margaritas. The food was bangin and afterwards he suggested they watch Family Guy together. They both loved Stewie and rolled on the floor at Brian’s antics. He didn’t pressure her or try to make a move which had the effect of making her want him more. She leaned over to lay in his lap and was surprised to find a full erection there. She pretended not to notice as she said she was so comfortable that she was going to sleep. Can I get a kiss goodnight? she whispered. Certainly if the lady wants one, she can have one. He kissed her lightly with soft lips and no tongue. He breathed her. Good night Feather he whispered as he stroked her forehead. Is that all I get? That’s all for now mami. Go to sleep and if you are good, I’ll give you another one. Feather fell asleep and woke up to someone gently sucking on her nipple. The swirl of someone’s tongue while she was in the that in between reality and dreaming. All she felt was pleasure. It was like every nerve was connected to her left nipple and the sensations of his tongue and teeth gently pulling. I hope you don’t mind, but I decided to give you another kiss. Well I must have been a good girl she said. He laughed and said good girls don’t have 22 year olds sucking on their nipples. Well then I must be bad. Baby, we haven’t begun bad.

Miguel was already naked.His youth causing his body to be muscular but not overdeveloped.And he went back to work.His first woman must have been a good teacher because Miguel spent a long time on Feather’s body.He held her hands down to prevent her from trying to repay the favor as he laved her nipples with his tongue.He sucked them, plucked them, squeezed them.They just taste so good, he told her as he worked his way down her body.He flipped her over whispering in spanish against her spine.Something about that drove her crazy and he licked down the crack of her ass.Feather arched to give him more room to maneuver and he gladly obliged.He ate her pussy and ass with a ferociousness that she hadn’t encountered in a long time.She came all over his face,as he literally began lapping at her clit.Her pussy muscles were flexing and she wanted nothing more than to feel his dick inside of her.Please baby, put it in she begged, trying to reach down and play with this balls.Not yet he replied.You aren’t ready.But my pussy is dripping.He made her flip back over and straddled her chest.He massaged her breasts over his dick while she flicked her tongue over the tip.The action of him, the stimulation of her breasts and the clenching she did with her pussy caused her to orgasm again, this one literally leaving her stuttering.

Now baby, and he slid down and plunged in. His dick felt magnificent inside of her. Full, stretched big and he began to dance the salsa with his dick inside of her. 1, 2, 3. Short long short were his strokes. Feather came again, this time unable to control the convulsions of her body. This is some good pussy baby. Who does it belong to? He was moving his hips in circles now, touching parts of her pussy that she never knew existed. She flexed her legs over his shoulders and used her yoga poses to meet him at each stroke. She worked her pussy muscles to make it tighter. I can last as long as you need me to baby. She didn’t want it to end it felt so good. She was sweating hard now and so we he as the switched their limbs and bodies. Different depths, angles she knew she was hooked. But wasn’t she supposed to be the experienced one? Wasn’t she supposed to teach him? Looks like she still had a lot to learn and was a willing teacher.

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