She was like most women and never really liked giving head. She did it willingly because men love it and if you are going to do something, do it 100%. Although there was a certain satisfaction in having a man by the balls thinking about nothing but how good your tongue feels forming figure eights.

However, he loved that shit. Would get it all day every day if he could. She always had a good technique and she could tell by the way he was moaning “Oh shit, oh fuck” that he loved it. Loved the way she could deep throat it and lick his balls while his dick was in the back of her throat. Loved the way she would make it sloppy wet and form a vacuum with her mouth. loved the way she licked it super slow on the underside and loved the way she literally wrote her name on his dick with her tongue. That dick belonged to her and nobody else. Maybe that was why she found herself getting excited about sucking it. He didn’t even have to ask. When they would start, she immediately reached for his belt buckle. The more she sucked it the more she found herself getting aroused. All of a sudden her pussy would be soaking wet and she was using one hand to stroke his balls and the other to play with her clit. She didn’t need any foreplay when he flipped her on her back so he could put her legs over his shoulders and hit is deep and long.

She remembered that time she sat him in a chair so she could get full access to his dick with out putting pressure on her back or on his. She was gladly on her knees and had the lights on so he could watch every time her head moved, see it disappear under her tongue, hear the slurping noises she was creating with her mouth. He told her it felt so good, he didn’t even want to cum.

She told him, “That’s alright baby, I ain’t going no where.”

She opened her mouth and sucked harder feeling the cum pulsing through him. He was sweet. Not like candy, but definitely not the sour taste she had cum to expect. She swallowed every drop.

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