The Comment

She didn’t think he had it in him. The first time he ate her pussy, he did it with all the enthusiasm of someone who knew they had to do it get laid. The motions were ok, but there was no passion, no fire. Luckily, she didn’t need her pussy ate all the time, but every now and again, she just wanted to sit back and let him do all the work.

He lost a bet and had to do one sexual favor for her. She asked for him to eat her out. That’s all she said. She missed having her clit licked and decided to give him another chance.

He threw her on the bed and pulled down her red and white cotton panties. Not romantic, but they allowed her to keep her pussy fresh and smelling right.

He began by tongue kissing her clit. “Oh shit,” she moaned thinking, damn this is completely different than last time. He looked up at her crazy faces, his eyes telling her “yes, this is MY pussy now and I’m marking it permanently.” He watched her face as he began to lick the outer lips, knowing where she wanted pressure on her clit and friction on the inside. His kisses were feather light. He worked his way back and began to soften his tongue licking around the entrance to her canal. Just in that one area. She began to stutter “sssshhhhhiiiiitttt, this is your pussy.” He licked the inner lips tracing circles and doing a countdown with his tongue.

Then he devoured her like she watched him devour that steak he ate for dinner sucking opening his mouth completely surrounding her clit, but using his tongue back and forth over her clit as it peaked out from its hood. Since they didn’t want to wake people up at 2am, she buried her face in the blanket. She pushed his head away. “I thought you wanted your pussy ate” he growled pulling her legs down. He stopped to kiss her and she tasted herself on his lips, his beard. Damn she tasted good, she was sweet but with a tangy flavor that is indescribable.

He pushed her legs over her head so he could have complete access to her pussy and ass and he reached over and got her portable vibrator. He turned it on low and placed it on her clit, put another finger in her ass and one in her pussy using a come hither motion with his finger to hit her g-spot.

She came so hard she began convulsing – shaking like an epileptic watching a strobe light.

When she finally came to and opened her eyes, she was leaning in his arms looking at his grin.

“Yes, you can thank me now.”

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