Brown Sugar Bacon

The storybooks told me that love was a sugar, filled emotional rush
I believed when I ingested your affections, it would leave me giddy as a dervish whirling
Those movies told me that true love was the saccharine sweetness of morning greetings and evening kisses
“Hey sweetie pie” she said
“Goodnight honey” he said
The songs said happily ever after would be a cone surrounded by a cloud of spun sugar and smelling of bubble gum and candy
Yet the flavor of your passions melted on my tongue leaving it artificially colored and my taste buds numb from sugar overload
The infatuation lacked depth and evaporated too quickly leaving nothing behind but the crash from falling off the high
So I tried the savory side of love
And found it was inedible; overseasoned with the saltiness of shed tears
My tongue burned from the fiery chili heat of shouting matches
And our respect turned sour with bitterness left to simmer too long
Transformative love is tempered with realism and sprinkled with enthusiasm like good chocolate or bacon with the lightest touch of brown sugar
A balance of savory and sweet to create a degustation of trust, honesty, and joy

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