Traveling Miles

light feather touches, excite me
so light i can barely feel them leaving me
tingling vibrating all over
slowly, tracing circles over my breast,
they swell like dark choclate kisses
and you sample one
into your mouth you ake it savoring the chocolate flavor
i moan, and a little bead of moisture begins to gather
in dark places
hearts beat faster
the wetness from your tongue outlines my ear
it’s cooling
your whisper vibrates in my ear
telling me how naughty i am
how you are so excited it hurts to hold back
how we stimulate each other
you feel the tip of my tongue in the small of your back
my fingernails pulling on your nipples
my lips on your head
your hands rubbing my ass
my feet around your waist
your hands on my shoulders
my ankles by my ears
you grip the headboard
we meet at the height of each stroke
rhythmically moving back and forth
driving me crazy
you are so close i can feel the blood
vibrating in your veins
right before
we travel miles

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