Mmmmm, memories…polaroid pussy that you stick on the cork board of your head that never, ever lives up to the real thing…even in digital format…nothing in the archive compares to that first feeling of that wet, warm love below (yes, I have been pumpin that Outkast shit “Shhhheee lives in my laaap” anyway…) I am lucky enough to have never had what I’d call “bad pussy” but some have defintely been better than others…
There was the bookworm chick…She had a Black Cemeron Diaz thing going with her smile…that wry smile that curled extra when she drank heavily…But that is where the comparison ended. She had a body that made sex with her a delight of the five senses…No part of her went un tasted, and I lived with her smell in a pair of panties she mailed me once…And the feel…She was such a good fit that I wondered if she curved my dick to touch her G Spot…Maybe she molded it when she was giving me the most exquisite head I’d ever had…or that night on the metal chair…she straddled me post lapdance and put so much force into each pussy poppin thrust that the chair buckled under the pressure…By the time she came I was pretty much squatting, not sitting :)…whoever said smart girls couldn’t fuck obviously hadn’t met her
Then there were the online sexcapades…Philadelphia is such a freaky town…too many to list here…Just two words “G Cup” Then the hometown trek was always fun…older women always knew what they wanted and it was quite refreshing… It always amazed me that I had to log on to find women who lived in the next borough.
Then there was my very good friend down south, the bartender…petite thing…5’2″ 110 pounds with a bubble booty. What she lacked in size she made up for in agility…she would start out on top of me, using the edge of the bed for extra spring, and when I knew that she was getting ready to cum I’d pick her up, legs on my shoulders, with my hands full of her juicy ass and thrust away like a demon in a japanese manga flick (I AM the Overfiend)…Thanks to her I still get a woody when I pass a Red Roof Inn:)
aaaa…Tigress you done started sum’fin 😉
The Butterfly guy

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