Lose Control

I hope this evokes something for you


He saw her in a light blue summer dress that was modest enough in this heat and thought “I love her smile” but never thought beyond that. After all, they were both in yet a third country neither one of them lived in (because flights were a typical breakfast) for a wedding and he was going home to Nairobi and she was from the eastern part of the US. He hadn’t quite figured out which city from her introduction since she was on the other side of the lounge when she spoke her biography. He barely caught her name before laughter drowned out the rest.

The next night at a party being thrown in honor of the marrying couple, they struck up a conversation about economic opportunity in eastern African countries. Passionate wasn’t the word to describe her. Emotional. Not in the negative sense that is so often talked about but in the purest sense. She felt everything and always. Her exuberance was real and she was lost in it. Her debate about whether it was capitalism itself or the human condition that ruined it. She was logical, analytical and compassionate as she recognized and acknowledged the humanity in people she had never met. And he loved it.

She told him she was amazed by his intelligence as he held the cigar and Johnny Walker together in one hand. She was traveling with the friends of the groom, the lone American of the group, entirely unprepared for the emotions of being so close to to her ancestors both in spirit and physical location.

He became her protector when some pushy guy, unbothered by the word NO, got a bit too forceful. She danced with him to thank him. He offered her both the cigar and Johnny in appreciation for the way her hips moved and the pure delight of her laughter when her favorite song came on. He felt himself caught up in her, her hips and her knowing smile. She expressed everything, but was always a mystery.

They danced. Afrobeats. Hip-hop and even some Reggae for a few songs. By their third, or maybe fourth glass of Johnny, feeling free, he picked her up and turned her around just to hear her laugh. She dropped her head and he couldn’t control himself. Her bottom lip, still slightly deep purple with her lipstick, rubbed off in the middle where she held the glass and enticed with the slightest peak of her tongue. He went in and kissed her.

Emotional was definitely the right word. He didn’t understand how a stranger could make him feel primal, fall in love and like he was Superman all in the span of the first 10 seconds her lips were on his. He could no longer hear the music and wrapped his hands around her ass to pull her closer. She was holding his face in both an embrace and a promise of what was to come. She kissed him and the feel of her nipples across his chest was like a file sawing away at the fragile rope of his self-control. Still holding his face she groaned “yes…” in his ear and proceeded to move her hands to his chest and her tongue to his neck.

He knew the mechanics of sex, but what was happening here was new. They were in a nightclub. He registered that he could not have her here and now, but his dick had other plans. She had other plans as she knew what he was thinking. She was running a fingernail around his nipple on the outside of his shirt. He turned her around to both stop her, hide his massive imprint and feel her hips on top of him all at the same time.

He went to the bouncer and tipped him to let them back in later and took her to the car. She was his. She murmured to him as she arched her back to make her dress hike up just the slightest bit. She breathed to him “yes” as she reached over and spread her legs to remove her panties and glide her fingers in the wetness.

Her. Bent over a car, dress up, panties half-way down and fingers in her pussy was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. She was going to cum without him she said. Her emotions never letting her keep a secret. He pulled a condom out from his wallet and had never put it on so fast.

In that moment, he was aura/zen/utopia/heaven/Atlantis. And he wasn’t even inside of her.

She fucking changed his life.

Then he slid in. By this time she had turned over and he locked eyes with her. Or rather locked in her orgasm because she began to spasm all over his dick. Her pussy was dancing afrobeats up and down his shaft as she kept cumming. She was wet, but that isn’t the right word. She was hygge, surrounding him with that feeling of you never want to leave. He could feel where it was hotter at the tip of his dick and he swore he could feel her wetness making its way down her vagina to his balls. He wanted her to cum again all over his dick, so even though she snapped his control, he knew that this was his time. His time to be her secret. Her mystery.

He moved slow as to savor everything. He was speaking out loud to himself to embed this memory from short-term to long-term. Her smell was so intense, so strong, he almost passed out from it alone. He was surrounded by her. He could see the colors in her aura shifting as her energy flowed. He watched as the whispers of the colorful vibrations touch him.

He moved faster, feeling his leg muscles contract from the effort to control the movements of his dick. It was almost as if her ability to get inside of him twisted through every part of him and made his damn knees sweat as he felt drops moving down his legs.

And he watched her face. Her eyes, open and watching him. Then closed as her pussy oscillated again with pleasure. Her lips were open and she was fighting to hold in a scream so her voice kept hitching. She was rubbing her nipples increasing the sensation of her orgasms.

“Please, I want you to cum. Cum now. I want to feel it and cum with you. NOW,” she ordered him.

And he obliged. Cumming with such force he could feel the condom moved from his body and he quickly grabbed it’s base to stop it from escaping.

She wrapped her legs around his legs and her arms around his shoulders. He was a mess. He had never had sex so intimate. Realizing she saw inside of him. She knew his mind. She knew his dick.  And now, she had everything that was left for him to give – his protection.

He covered her with his body and simply whispered “thank you” against her ear. She, as emotional as ever, replied “thank you.”

She let him hold her and when it was time, he picked her up and put her in the car and buckled her seat belt. Protection. He zipped himself up and used a napkin to dispose of the condom which he would forever consider a national treasure.

He got in the drivers seat and lost it. He couldn’t do anything but sit there while she stroked the back of his head.

She fucking, changed his life.

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