Hey babe. Not to brag, but did you know my pussy has super powers?

My pussy is the lazarus pit healing you, restoring you and giving you immortality that you may rise again and again and again. When you wake up, yesterday is just yesterday because my pussy was the spark to create the fire of your rebirth for our present.

With every orgasm you give me, as my spasms create spells around your dick and you feel like you flew to Pluto, climbed Mount Everest and journeyed to the center of the earth and still came home to make me a dinner so good, I ate it with my eyes closed.

My pussy murmurs incantations with its grip that is so tight, so wet you feel lightheaded when you finally orgasm and then release.

My tongue vibrates: summoning life, peace, love into you as I speak.

My tongue vibrates: summoning pure indulgence as it runs along your shaft. On your inner thigh. Behind your knees.

The next day, during that meeting, the vibrating memories, helps you close the biggest deal ever in the history of the company and your dick vibrates in anticipation of our celebration.

My pussy has the power to transform you into a superhero so powerful that you permanently change the Marvel and the DC universe because there is not a hero, avenger or justice leaguer that can crush you.

My pussy isn’t your kryptonite, but is your infinity gauntlet infusing you with everything I can give you to survive this world and thrive in the next.

So come. Fall into my divine and become


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