He sent the picture as a joke. A reminder of the term, shibari, she had taught him yesterday about the art of rope tying.

But she saw it and her brain snapped.

It was all she could think of that red rope wrapped around her wrists and breasts while he toyed with his tongue around her nipple daring her to finish her thought while he sucked harder and harder finishing with his teeth claiming her nipple as a new country that he alone had sovereign rule over.

She thought of that red rope wrapped around her waist and down her legs while he used the extra to make a necklace of her legs around his neck while he moved his dick inside of her. Slowly. And then even more slowly. Making her beg. And then beg again while she contracted her muscles around him. Balls deep, he finally picked up speed causing her to cum for 10 minutes straight.

She immediately soaked her pussy off a joke. Dammit. Her rope bunny instincts had kicked in.

She wasn’t horny. She was id. Pure. Uncut and raw.

She wanted to drop to her knees hands tied behind her back and deep throat him until she gagged on his cum and then keep sucking to watch him cum again but this time all over her face.

She was bent over, skirt hiked up heels on and no panties while she spread her ass cheeks while he lubed himself preparing to make her cum so hard on his dick that she passed out from the sensation of him ejaculating inside her ass.

She was lust. A role play in her mind of naughty uber driver. She was the passenger and he watched her in the rear-view mirror. One breast out and a hand squeezing her nipple while her other hand alternated between her clit and penetrating her walls. The smell of her filling the car was so strong he had to pull over before he crashed. And, on the side of the road, he watched her suck her own taste off her fingers before he dove in himself with multiple body parts, various pressures and playing with her reactions until she thought “I can’t possibly cum again.” He proved her wrong with an orgasm, this time given by his fingers, that left her dizzy. 5 stars plus tip for the ride


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