He had game so stealth, the Pentagon needed to hire him for a defense contract. Somehow before she knew it, he had her number in his phone and not too much longer thereafter, his tongue down her throat. And just like any surprise attack, she was not prepared. She normally could sum up men with a sniper’s precision by the end of the first date. But he wore camouflage, destroyed her defenses and tiptoed across her consciousness before she could finish her thought. 
She couldn’t get a reliable read from her third-eye which had closed up tight. In his presence, her energies were a helical vortex throwing her off-balance. Around him, she was serene, animated, turned on and couldn’t decide if she wanted to curl up next to him or go for a five mile jog. He had her mind fucked before he even touched her clit.
Biting his lower lip was only the beginning. It was quickly followed by various items of clothing. A strap here, a sock there. Buckles and bras next.
When he stood there in this henna-hued skin, quiet with eyes that told her “you bettanot tap out girl. Cuz I’m coming for it.” He was tall and wide enough to scoop her up in an embrace. His skin begged to be tickled with the tips of her fingers. 
And then she saw it.
His dick. 
She stared when she first saw it. It wasn’t even hard and already she was impressed. It was the most gorgeous dick she had ever seen. It was the color of a chocolate special limited edition batch that you just can’t wait to put into your mouth. Like he was the chocolate standard benchmark for Hershey’s AND the Mast Brothers. 
Rich, all one color and perfectly smooth. After that she knew she would beg for pictures of it. Looking at dicks never really turned her on. It was always about what they could do. But looking at his dick just made her toss another pair of panties onto the dirty pile. 
He touched. She stroked. He kissed. She bit. He licked. She fondled. She surprised him with her willingness to be used by him. When she got turned on giving him head, on her knees letting him just fuck her face slowly. She languished in giving him head getting turned in by the expressions in his face. Her eyes locking with his as she whispered “I’m going to get this entire thing down my throat.” His words silent, but his eyes widening.
And then she saw it.
Their reflection in the mirror and she couldn’t stop watching. Him behind her. Her ass and his thighs as he took it agonizingly slow knowing that she bucked her pussy against him fighting for her dick and orgasm. He laughed at her when she did that, but loved how much she loved cumming all over him. They switched positions again.
And she watched…
Her ankles as earrings. His arms bulging with effort. His back, sweaty, now the color of deep brown satin. Her hands around his ass pushing him even deeper as she felt his balls in the crack of her ass. His expression as he lifted up her ass to hit her g-spot and go even deeper.
And she watched.
She begged him to film it. She wanted to see that dick going inside of her and remember how she flexed her pussy to grip him harder as he fucked her hoarse because she couldn’t stop screaming.
She watched the images of chocolate upon ebony upon coffee upon onyx. The colors, textures, and scents of their bodies, skin and sweat crept inside her mind. She came just thinking about it. About touching him with her fingers, her breasts, her tongue and her toes from his legs to his face. To feel the difference in texture between the skin on his back and on his lips.
She watched and let her left and right brain fire to create new synapses of memories forever stored in
caresses and

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