The Stripshow

Angela knew better then to dive in, but when Lamont called her cell she couldn’t resist. So while she knew she shouldn’t go to that apartment on the top floor of the newly renovated harlem brownstone, rememberances of nights long past stirred in between her legs. She held out for one day, but seeing the stripshow at the bridal party really set it off and let’s be real, she knew when she left the house she was going uptown. Why else did she wear the red satin thongs and the black lace bra?

From the moment she walked in the door, it was obvious the power has shifted in their relationship. No longer viewing Lamont through rose colored glasses she saw him with all his faults. His need for control and order in his life in a world filled w/ chaos. She wondered if all those conversations about fear and not letting oneself go and love were merely a diversion tactic to prevent him from getting to close to anybody? what would he really be like if he let himself ever lose that well guarded control?

Even so he still looked tasty when she opened the door and saw him standing there. Talking on his cell phone, Angela waiting patiently debating on whether she should get up and leave as she listened to him lie about what he was doing for the rest of the evening. Just as she was about to put her sandals on and jet, he got off and asked “so what are you doing?” She had forgotten how the sound of his voice would stop her in her tracks and she realized that she had already put aside pride go uptown so she might as well get what she came for – her stripshow.

He was still fully dressed. His properly ironed shirt displaying w/ pride the logo of his fraternity, tucked neatly into his jeans. He had taken his shoes off and she saw the prettiest feet she had ever seen on a man. His toes were long and the nails were cleaned and neatly shaped. She had come there for a strip show so he began to dance around. Angie pulled a dollar bill from his purse for his tip. Getting caught up in his laughter she began to laugh joyous and free forgetting any previous animosity. He went to put on some music, pulling out the great singers of the past, but the vibe wasn’t that a casual sex. that music is for when you are going to make love and hold someone and cherish them. Not for what we were sharing. Angie jumped up and put on the maxwell cd, embrya. There was one song on it that she remembered would be perfect. She put it in, leaned back on the couch, put on her shades and began to watch the show.

He started off slow but was a natural at what he was doing. Teasing her showing her glimpses of his well toned stomach and shaking his ass in a way that she loved. He would let his pants drop just a bit giving her a peak at his “tighty whities” which is the one thing he knew she loved too. The show was interactive, and he would sit in her lap, doing quite a good imiation of a professional. Lamont used his tongue to tease her nipples over the top of her sweater, lifting up her shirt to tease her belly button following his tongue down towards the top of her underwear. He would jump up and finish his dance finally ending up in only his underwear which he asked her to remove. Leading her up from the couch he finished his dance by doing the luke in front of her as she playfully smacked his ass. She then turned around and began to dance for him, grinding into him and feeling how hard he was. She slowly did the grind and bent over from the waist so that he would remember how she liked it. He lifted up her skirt and the combination of her nice ass, the red thong and the sexual energy that built up inside of him was too much to handle. He dragged her back to the bed, laid down and pulled her on top of him. There were no kisses, only touches and explorations of the caverns in each other bodies. he put one finger inside of her asking “do you like that?” She began to ride it slowly as he moved around and used his other hand to suck on her nipples. Lamont put in two fingers and she started riding even faster. He uttered those infamous words – Come for me baby, come hard. adn that is exactly what she did. She came all over his fingers. After that they both wanted the same thing – his dick inside her pussy. He pushed her back on the bed and held her ankles aloft w/ one hand while putting on the condom with the other hand. he put it in and she’d forgotten how big it was. damn was all she could say. “Is this what you wanted? Did you miss this?” “Yessss,” she stuttered as he started a slow rhythm. She started screaming his name b/c what he was giving her was too good not to. He began to move faster as she taunted him “Didn’ you miss this pussy? well then prove it” So he proved it to her over and over again. He switched her up to hit it from the side, thankful that she had been doing her stretching exercises and pretty soon he was moan “i cummin” and cum he did.

They lay there sex funky trying to figure out what happened? something was off. Smile he said, but couldn’t fake it. Angela left, happy to reconnect but confused as to what her roll would be.

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