Mr. Longnhard

For Mr. Longnhard

hey baby
did you wonder as you wandered along down the street
hummin to yourself and walkin to the beat
of the soundtrack inside your head
replaying memories of last night on your bed
and you remembered me

a box of magnums
a bottle of astroglide
I reached over and put it in
climbed aboard and started to ride

a chocolate lady godiva
ridin naked with hair blowing behind ya
my hips finding the rhythms of Africa’s drums past
you tell me slow down baby, I want to make it last

faster and faster we start to move
together we find each other’s groove

Goddess of the night
Tigress of the moon
hold on w/ all your might
cuz baby I’m cummin soon

flipping me over to hit it from the back
givin it to me hard
cuz i like it like that

your finger in my ass
your tongue down my throat
aint no other surpassed
damn you rocked that boat

got me stutterin like joe
bbbbb-bbbbabbbyyy, ssssshhhhhhhhhiiitttt
i aint got to tell you
you got the diggity bomb dick

got mr. buzzy all upset
cuz he’s been put away
no fun for him, but w/ no regrets
cuz you my mr. Goodlay

daydreamin all day
of what awaits me tonight
how much longer I gots to wait
to get my longnhard delight?

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