The Photo

We started out as friends. Chatting all the time over email, talking about politics, men, women, my crazy cat lady status. About how damn sexy D’Angelo looked in his “How Does it feel” video. How the song would immediately make me want to be on my back w/ a dick in my pussy and how I wished more then anything I could see what the rest of his body looked like. I fantasized that he dick would be brown, long and super delicious as i asked him how does it feel when i am sucking on your dick!

The next day I sat down to my computer and got the familiar “you have mail” there was a message from you with an enclosure “dangelodick.jpg” and several more titled in the same way. i couldn’t wait to open them. i put in the dangelo cd w/ that song on repeat so i could enjoy my experience. inside where pics of a man’s dick. oh my. it was long and hard and wide. it was a deep oak color and so hard i could count the veins bulging. the balls were large and hanging low and it was surrounded by deep rich black hair. I love the way a man smells right there.

I immediatly put two fingers in my pussy. I wasn’t suprised to feel out wet I was. As I clicked open the pics w/ one hand, I gently found a rhythm going with my other. I was using my thumb to rub my clit as I worked my fingers in and out. I put one leg on the desk to give myself better access. Each picture was better then the last. I could only imagine me sucking on that dick taking it down my throat. working one hand around the base and getting it harder and harder. and then stopping so he wouldn’t come too fast b/c I defintiely wanted that monster inside me. the pics were getting me turned on, as the song played in the background. my fingers moved faster and I stopped clicking so i could use my other hand to pinch and pull my nipples. i am sure my neighbors were calling the police as I was screaming so loud, or maybe they decided to get a little freaky themselves. faster and faster i rubbed my fingers inside making sure to hit that spot on the back wall. i came w/ such an intensity that my pussy walls clenched my vagina while my cum juice wet up the chair.

The next day I sent you an email thanking you for the pictures. You wrote back “Sure, they were no problems. I just took pictures of what I feel when I think about you”

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