The Phone

“Amiri called again last night,” Kali told her girlfriend as she laid across the bed enjoying the cooling breeze of the fan. damn it was hot and she didn’t have air in the bedroom.

“Girl, you know that you are going to get caught up again. You should just let that alone,” Diana responded exastperated with the neediness of what passed for Kali’s love life. “I know, I know and it will probably end up badly since it started badly, but I am a big girl. I will pick up my pieces and move on.” “Ok girl, just let me know what happens,” sighed Diana as she clicked the phone into the cradle.

Kali sat on her bed naked and thought about what happened between her and Amiri. She looked up at the clouds she had painted on the ceiling to match the blues she used on the walls. It helped her think. She wound up liking him way too much way too fast and forgot that what he prized most of all, was the chase and the challenge. He made her head spin like a dreidel on the first morning of Hannaukh and her normal reactions went the way of Saddam’s palace. She was too available too often, slept with him way too soon and didn’t play that all important game. One part of her loftily thought, I am too old to play games, but the other side of her knew her mistakes. She put it all out there on the line, only to have him accept her offer of her body, but reject her heart. She felt the proverbial knife in her stomach when she cried herself to sleep that night, but almost like magic in the morning everything was lifted. She knew that she would be ok, and it wasn’t the worst thing that happened to her. She also knew that she could probably continue to possess his body but never his heart and that was ok. She steeled herself against any other emotions with bars that would need more then a lock and key to make them go away, although it would make her cold and unfeeling. She knew that she had to be that way or she would get hurt again.

She hadn’t called Amiri back when he called last night b/c that was the way the game was played. It was late, and she dialed his number from her home phone so that she would be able to hear him that much clearer.

“Hello, Kali,” he answered having checked the caller ID

“Hey, whassup,” kali responded, reinforcing the steel bars with a concrete wall, to stop those emotions that were trying to escape.

They chatted for awhile, both dancing over the subject they wanted to talk about – when they would get together again. The sex between them had always been electric, sparking air and space between them. Going out to dinner, the looks they exchanged with only their eyes, not even talking about sex and not touching each other. Those exchanges of the eyes, made the other diners feel trapped in a porno. Watching sexual heat build and feed off each other. But unlike the porno, these heat was real. There was nothing faked about what their eyes said to each other. They stopped going to family restuarants b/c they felt they were corrupting the children.

And they continued to talk about everything and about nothing. “I am so tired,” Kali breathed into the phone. “So go to sleep,” Amiri replied. “So no phone sex?” “Well, if you want to have dreams of me inside you, and your legs over my shoulders, go ahead” Kali couldn’t help it, she started pinching her nipples which had grown hard in response. “Perhaps, I might dream about that, what else would I dream about?”

“Maybe you will dream about the way that I suck on your clit, flicking my tongue back and forth and taking it into my mouth. Or the way that I used to suck on your nipples, pinching one w/ my thumb, and taking the whole other into my mouth.”

Kali pulled out her favorite toy. Her fingers weren’t going to be enough.

“Or perhaps the way that I get on board and ride you. Those workouts had been helping me out as I get on top and bounce my way to your orgasm. You squeezing my breasts and me going slow just to tease and torture you.”

“Tell me a fantasy”

A moan was his response as the frantic actions of her toy combined with his pitch changes in his voice that indicated that he, too, had become a participant in this exchange of voices. She called his name again and again, as her orgasm prevented coherant thought.

They came at the same time, his response being the standard “oh shit”.

“I need a moment,” kali whispered into the phone.

“Are you tired now?” Amiri said.


“Well goodnight and I will talk to you later”


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