The Countdown

I’ll be at your house at 10pm. Be ready and have my dick hard was the reply I gave you. It was now 1am, only 21 hours before I would see you. Patience has never been my strong suit and I was hyper with anticipation of what was to come. Glad that tomorrow would be a busy day at work, I went to sleep also glad that my nighttime dreams (which i am sure are illegal in 43 states) would use up 6 precious hours.

7am – I rise groggy, but excited for what awaits me tonight, 15 hours left. I started a patient vigil, pulled together my props for the night, a cd and other goodies

8am – the commute is full of traffic this morning. I pass the time chatting with my fellow commuters grinning b/c I know that tonight is what I have been waiting for. they get to spend this day looking foward to tomorrow. I have tonight.

9am – for once I am glad of my hectic work schedule. The more I do, the faster the time goes. I am so busy that I don’t have time to think about your tongue on my neck, my hands on your thighs

10am – an impromptu meeting means I have to refocus my energies again. I don’t think about the massage I will get tonight, your hands on my shoulders easing the tension away and my tongue spelling my name across your back

11am – my big to do w/ the CEO. I listen with what looks like rapt attention but secretly i am doing kegel exercises so I can grip your dick that much harder

noon – nibbling on left over food from the meeting lunch evades me and I continue working. I think about how much I enjoy pleasing you. teasing your ear. I wonder if I will get to tie you up tonight?

1pm – my coworkers go to lunch and ask if i want to come along. I decline b/c I know I only have 9 hours left. It’s too much. I go outside and walk around, working off the energy I have from last night’s phone conversation that left my sheets wet

2pm – the afternoon crisis. grateful again that work is able to offer me some relief and inability to think of you and how you feel when you suck my nipples

3pm – great news. my friend has returned home safe from the “war”. i am glad that shrub’s need to prove his manhood did not leave another black family fatherless and that he was able to return to his wife and children intact in body, if not yet intact in mind.

4pm – all pretense is gone. I stare at my computer monitor fantasizing about how good it is going to be tonight. my legs wrapped tight around you, the ease of laughter we share, the way you smell right in that spot that makes you a man, the stickiness of the sweat and precum. home to prep for the evening. I wonder if i have time to stop for a bottle of chocolate syrup

5pm – yabba dabba do—me is what i chant as i go home ready to pass the final hours. I watch the city drift by as i float on the hudson, the eight-minute ride seeming to take hours but it’s only 5 hours left

6pm – the cell rings the caller id says it’s you. I can’t make it. work, you say, but I know work is often that flimsy excuse told to hide a multitude of sins. disappointment floods like rains do in red bank and i try to figure out what will the rest of my night consist of now that my vigil has ended.

7pm – i lie across my bed releasing the energy of the past 18 hours in a frantic forum of self-pleasure disappointed that the real thing isn’t coming. it doesn’t work the same. only temporarily knocks me out just to pass to the next hour

8pm – the hot water runs over me, relaxing my body from the stress of the day. my thoughts turn to the upcoming weekend, when time will be my own and i won’t have to answer the rings and bells that dictate my weekday life. the hot water warms me and cradles me like a hot towel fresh out the dryer. the tension still sits between my legs waiting for a release.

9pm – my companion is the book of erotica on the brown people. restless i turn to my computer to remove the last bit of energy that could not be released with any electrical means

10pm – in celebration of what was supposed to be my celebration of your body, i lay on my bed and give in. I let go and finally it comes. the screams, the moans the violent uncontrollable shaking, the rush of liquid, the convulsions come and I am able to relax into my night time sleep, dreaming once more of hush hush whispers across the pillow

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